Job Description for SPIL Committee Chairperson

Essential Duties

  1. Apply for appointment from the Governor to the Wisconsin Rehabilitation Council (WRC) with assistance from ILCW staff, as needed.
  2. Represent the Independent Living Council of Wisconsin on the WRC, present updates on issues affecting ILCW, centers for independent living and independent living services, and attend meetings representing ILCW.

Essential Duties

#Coordinate Council Activities with respect to development of the State Plan for Independent Living (SPIL) including stakeholder input and coordination with Centers for Independent Living and other partners.
#Chair the Council committee to develop the SPIL and address related activities.
#Coordinate Council activities with respect to monitoring, reviewing and evaluating SPIL implementation.

Values desired

  1. Commitment to IL philosophy of “consumer control.”
#Support for equal access and equal opportunity.
  1. Support for independent living services and independent living centers.
  2. Commitment to full integration of people with disabilities into all aspects of society.
  3. Possession of honesty, integrity, and respect for the values of others.
  4. Adherence to strong personal ethics, including maintaining confidentiality and avoiding conflict of interest or self-dealing.


  1. Knowledge about centers for independent living and independent living services; and the roles of the Council and Centers for Independent Living.
  2. Ability to work with individuals with disabilities, and others from diverse backgrounds.
  3. Experience in actively participating in meetings and chairing committees.

Expected Time Commitment (excluding travel time)

June 2017

ILCW Projects

ILCW worked with ILCs, the Board for People with Developmental Disabilities and other partners to provide an innovative peer support school transition project. A unique and cutting edge Wisconsin program, Peer Power provides exciting opportunities for youth with disabilities to learn skills that help them plan for their lives after high school.

photo of peer power group at baseball gameWorking together with their peers, Peer Power members lead and guide their group activities based upon what they need to know to actively and effectively plan for their lives after high school. Peer Power offers the opportunity for youth to develop leadership skills and discover how they can use their strengths to build a successful future.

To learn more about Peer Power click here

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ILCW also works with ILCs and other partners to promote visitable communities in Wisconsin. Check out the Visitable Wisconsin website.