Notice of Public Records Access and Open Meetings


The Council was created by various Executive Orders of Wisconsin Governors since Tommy Thompson to implement section 705 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, 29 USC ß796d. The primary role of the Council is to develop jointly with DVR and to monitor, review and evaluate implementation of a State Plan for Independent Living for Wisconsin. The Orders and Act also provide other duties.

Members of the Council hold public office as appointees of the Governor. The Council has designated Mike Bachhuber, its Executive Director, as the custodian of its records.

Records Access Rights

Members of the public may request access to records orally or in writing to the custodian. We will follow the flow-chart, below, in considering a request and may take a reasonable time to respond to your request. If denied access to or a copy of a record, the custodian will inform you of the legal basis for the denial. If your request was in writing, you may appeal the denial as permitted under the Open Records law, sec. 19.31, et seq., Stats. and other applicable law.

Office Hours

A person may request records during normal office hours when ILCW staff are available. Normal office hours are 9:00 A.M. through 5:00 P.M, Monday through Friday except for lunch hours, State Holidays and days when the Council meets. The office is located in Madison, Wisconsin.


The usual cost for each side of a photocopied page is fifteen cents. We may charge the actual cost of copying a record when in a form that cannot be photocopied readily and other copying costs permitted by law. In addition, we may require payment of actual mailing or other shipping costs if we mail or ship copies of records to you. We may charge the actual cost of locating the record when the cost is more than $50. If you request a record that is partly confidential, we may charge the actual cost of deleting the confidential part. We may require prepayment when the cost exceeds $5 or otherwise as permitted by law.

Further information

Members of the public can a request a copy of the Councilís full policy. The Office of the Attorney General can also provide more detail on legal requirements at .

Wisconsin Public Records Law Flowchart

The attached file (in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format) includes a flowchart. The flowchart represents graphically the Council’s policy and information from the Attorney General referenced above.

The decision points graphed in the flow chart are:

Please contact us for assistance if this is not accessible to you.


Staff of the Council, on behalf of the Chairperson, must give advance notice of each meeting of the body to: (1) the public, (2) any members of the news media who have submitted a written request for notice and (3) a news medium likely to give notice in the area where the Council meets. Staff will give notice for meetings of the Independent Living Council of Wisconsin, its Executive Committee and other standing committees comprised entirely of council members. We will draft the notice to inform any interested member of the public reasonably of the matters set for discussion, investigation and/or action.

The Council also recognizes its other responsibilities to ensure that its meetings are open to the public as required by law. These include:

Further information

Members of the public can request a copy of the Councilís full policy. The Office of the Attorney General can also provide more detail on legal requirements at .

Rev. June 2014