Job Description for Council Member

Essential Duties

  1. Participate actively in Statewide Independent Living Council meetings and activities, including assessment of unmet needs of people with disabilities within the state.
  2. Work actively on at least one committee or work team of the Council
  3. Study to increase ability to effectively work on the Council and broaden understanding of:
    1. Independent philosophy, centers for independent living, and independent living services;
    2. The roles of the Council and centers for independent living;
    3. The State Plan for Independent Living and its implementation;
    4. The Wisconsin Rehabilitation Council and other disability councils under federal law; and
    5. Issues coming before the Council or a committee.
  4. Facilitate development of new independent living leaders within the state.
  5. Help generate applications and maintain a full council.

Values desired

  1. Commitment to “consumer control, self-help, and mutual assistance.
  2. Support for equal access and equal opportunity.
  3. Commitment to full integration of people with disabilities into all aspects of society.
  4. Possession of honesty, integrity, and respect for the values of others.
  5. Adherence to strong, personal ethics, including maintaining confidentiality and avoiding conflict of interest or self-dealing.


  1. Ability to represent individuals with disabilities while working with others from diverse backgrounds;
  2. Knowledge about centers for independent living and independent living services; and the roles of the Council and Centers for Independent Living

Expected Time Commitment