Current Council Members

Name & Office, if any    Category & Appt. Term     
Cindy Bentley    Citizen (voting) – Exp. 7/1/19   Cindy Bentley
Thomas Benziger    Citizen (voting) – Exp. 7/1/19   Generic Person
Julie Blasky    Citizen (voting) – Exp. 7/1/19   Generic Person
Daniel Blomgren    Citizen (voting) – Exp. 7/1/19   Generic Person
Jennifer S. BoyleSPIL Chair   Citizen (voting) – Exp. 7/1/18   Photo of Jennifer Boyle
Kevin Coughlin    Ex-Officio Dept of Health Services – Exp. 7/1/17   Photo of Kevin Coughlin
Chris Hendrickson Vice-Chairperson    Citizen (voting) – Exp. 7/1/17   Chris Hendrickson
Sarah Lincoln    Ex-Officio Dept of Vocational Rehabilitation Exp. 7/1/18   Photo of Sarah Lincoln
Jerry Mc Closkey    Citizen (voting) – Exp. 7/1/19 Photo of Jerry Mc Closkey
Dee NashChairperson/ILC Network Rep.    IL Center (voting) – Exp. 7/1/18   Generic Person
Joseph T. Oby- Ex-Officio Dept of Administration, Housing Exp. 7/1/17   Generic Person
Jason Ostrowski    Citizen (voting) – Exp. 7/1/19   Generic Person
Katie Patterson    Ex-Officio Dept of Transportation Exp. 7/1/17   Generic Person
Theodore “Teddy” Pyke    Citizen (voting) – Exp. 7/1/18   Teddy Pyke
Stephen “Corky” WestSecretary    Native Voc Rehab (voting) – Exp. 7/1/17   Corky West
Thongnhi XiongTreasurer    Citizen (voting) – Exp. 7/1/17   Photo of Thong Xiong

Rev. Nov. 2016