Value Statements For WCILC Members

  1. WCILC believes that Independent Living Centers (ILCís) should promote the independent living philosophy, consumer control and systems change so that independent living is possible for all persons with disabilities. Where services are currently not available, an ILC may choose to provide or facilitate the provision of those services.
  2. WCILC board members will support positions voted on by the WCILC Board. Members will be actively engaged in discussions. Once a vote has been taken, the majority opinion will be accepted by all members, including WCILC decisions and positions taken by Chair and Executive Board in absence of Board.
  3. WCILC is a statewide consumer controlled organization made up of eight (8) independent living centers, each value the independent living philosophy, consumer control and equal access for all ages and disabilities. WCILC will reinforce these values when working in a collaborative effort with other groups and organizations.
  4. WCILC believes that community living is possible for everyone. ILCís will assist people who want to live in their own home by providing assistance in locating supports defined by the consumer. ILCís will also make every effort to assist people in leaving institutions including ICF-MR, nursing homes, state centers and inpatient psychiatric institutions. ILCís will not assist an individual to move into an institution, but will offer referrals to agencies which do provide that assistance. The consumer should be aware that ILCís would assist them if and when they want to return to their own home.
  5. WCILC believes that the Coalition provides peer support to its members. Members should be willing and able to discuss issues, failures and successes in an atmosphere of support. Individuals and issues discussed will be respected and be kept confidential.
  6. WCILC will advocate for issues that enhance abilities. It is recognized by all partners that each ILC represents a specific geographic area therefore issues affecting the entire state will be addressed at WCILC meetings with decisions made where appropriate. All local or regional advocacy issues will be referred back to specific Centers.
  7. WCILC believes in the dignity and worth of people with disabilities. Every effort will be made to refer consumers to all providers of services requested and facilitate full and informed choice. Consumers will be made aware of the ILC in the area in which they live; however, WCILC recognizes the right of consumers to choose from where they receive community services.

Download the WCILC Value Statement (pdf)

Rev. Feb. 2017