Independent Living Services

All Independent Living Centers offer 5 “core” services. These are:

The fifth core service includes services that – (i) facilitate the transition of individuals with significant disabilities from nursing homes and other institutions to home and community-based residences, with the requisite supports and services; (ii) provide assistance to individuals with significant disabilities who are at risk of entering institutions, so that the individuals may remain in the community; and (iii) facilitate the transition of youth who are individuals with significant disabilities, who were eligible for individualized education programs under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and who have completed their secondary education, or otherwise left school, to post-secondary life. All ILCs offer at least 2 additional services. These may include:

Assistive Technology        Transportation Services
Student/Transition Services      Benefits Counseling
Accessibility Compliance Assessments      AODA Project
Voting, Disability Awareness Training      Employment Services

Rev. Feb. 2017