Independent Living Centers

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Inspired by the Civil Rights Movement, and created by the Federal Rehabilitation Act, Independent Living Centers grew out of a movement on the part of people with disabilities to take responsibility for their own lives and make choices on issues affecting every aspect.

Wisconsin ILCs are community based, consumer directed, not for profit organizations Independent Living Centers are nonresidential organizations serving persons of any age with any disabilities in all 72 counties. Unique in the world of human services, ILCs are governed and operated by board and staff composed of a majority of people with disabilities. All ILCs provide five core services, which include:

Additional Independent Living Services are also available. More information on services provided by ILCs can be found by clicking the links at the left.

Collectively, the eight independent living centers receive local, state and federal funding. ILCs take on unique activities to serve their local population. Examples of other services offered by centers include; disability awareness training, recreation and leisure activities, interpreter coordination, assistance with issues related to housing and transportation, personal care services, the Americans with Disabilities Act, 504 and IDEA, and personal computer.

The eight ILCs in Wisconsin are:

Rev. Feb. 2017